The Grass Monkey – Easter 2010

Posted: September 6, 2009 by BlogMaster in Events

Well you have all heard about The Brass Monkey which is held down in Oturehua in June each year, brrrrrr.

Anyway, Julia and Justin are running the Crow’s Nest Backpackers in Oturehua for the summer months and Justin has suggested holding a Grass Monkey, held in summer, much better idea.

The plan is to hold it over Easter 2010, Friday April 2nd to the 5th.  Now the Backpackers Lodge is already fully booked for the Saturday night but as the name suggests, Grass Monkey, there is ample room to camp.  There are three cabins available (2 doubles and a double with a single) so if you don’t want to camp then you need to book very early.

Justin will sort out some activities as he will speak with the locals and possible arrange some high country rides.  Plenty of great trips for the Roadies as well.  The local pub offers fantastic meals or we can have our own BBQ at the camp grounds.

If you are interested then please post a comment below or check out the blog for the Crow’s Nest HERE!

  1. Warren Taylor says:

    Sounds great, you can count Lex amd me in. We will be camping, man of the land and all of that.

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