Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari – What a Blast!

Posted: May 31, 2010 by BlogMaster in Events
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Last Saturday saw the running of the second Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari that involved about 236 scooters braving the elements and traversing the Southern Alps.

The event was a charity run to raise funds for the Cancer Society and it was very successful with $118,000 raised todate.  You can still donate if you wish HERE!

Anyway, Julia ended up riding the full 250 km which was a great achievement.  They started promptly at 0800 from the Air NZ Engine Centre and rolled into Hokitika around 1800.  There were a number of sponsored stops at the Kirwee Pub, the Sheffield Pie Shop, Lake Lynton, Flock Hill Station, The Bealey Pub, Arthurs Pass, Jacksons Pub, Kumara Junction and finally Hokitika.

There were a few BMW riders there as well, Geoff being one of the Bike Marshals.   There was only two  minor accidents when some of the scooters encountered grit on the road through the Otira Gorge.

TV3 is hopefully screening the event on Campbell Live at 1900 tomorrow, Tuesday 1st.  You can also view photos of the event HERE!  This is Julia powering up Porters.

The event won’t be run again until 2012 and is something well worth supporting.


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