Snow in Oturehua for The Brass Monkey

Posted: June 4, 2010 by BlogMaster in Events
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Julia and I headed down to Oturehua yesterday as we have to get the Crowsnest ready for those coming to The Brass Monkey who don’t want to camp. The road South was all fine but there was snow on the top of The Pig Route, Ranfurly was clear but Oturehua is covered in about 100 mm of hard packed snow.

This morning we headed up to the site of The Brass Monkey to see how it was and it will be interesting to see how everyone copes as the ground is frozen solid so no way of using tent pegs.  There were a couple of bikes already there at 0900, a Honda Transalp and a 1965 BMW R60.  Both riders had ice caked to their jackets and pants and were desperately trying to get warm.  The temperature last night dropped to -7 so good on all those hardy souls who are camping.

We have a couple of people here tonight but totally full tomorrow.  The Oturehua Tavern and General Store have a huge supply of bread and pies all stacked up ready to go as they are expecting about 2,500 riders.

It also dawned on me last night that The Brass Monkey and the first BMW GS occurred in the same year so maybe a celebration can be tied in when they both hit 50 years.


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