R1150GS recall notice

Posted: June 20, 2010 by I 90S I in Bike/Rider Safety
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The recent recall concerning the brakes on the 1150GS is due to the way a plastic grommet which holds the speedo cable is wearing. See picture below

Note the wear on the top left area

Wear on top left corner

As it wears it comes very close to the metal hydraulic brake pipe and could wear through in time (note on mine I had cable tied a plastic sleeve into it to protect it.) The tell me that they want to replace the grommet as well as the metal brake pipe which routes differently to give a 10mm clearance. Not a major unless very high mileage but well worth having it changed. (Parts currently on back order ex Germany)

Brake pipe covered with plastic sleeve

(NB. This is merely a lay persons opinion – FWIW)

  1. Dave Williams says:

    I noticed this a month ago, have done my own minor repairs.

    Is the replacement work available at Jeff Grey?


    • I 90S I says:

      Yes, Jeff Gray will be able to do it but they have the replacement bits are currently on back order ex Germany. They said they could do mine in about a week or ten days time.

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