Numbers building for the GS Anniversary Ride

Posted: July 7, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride

So far we have had 37 riders register their interest to do our GS Anniversary Ride, with most wanting to do the whole distance.  This is awesome news and means I will have to sit down and start some serious planning…soon.

Things that need to be covered off are:

  • Who can help with a route from Cape Reinga to say Whangarei, then Whangarei to Auckland (or just South of it)?
  • Do we want any clothing such as caps, t-shirts, fleeces?
  • Who can suggest a suitable place to stay/camp in Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Napier, Wellington (or Picton)?  The South Island is easy enough for me to sort out.
  • The Burt Munro organiser have agreed to consider including us in a possible event when we get there, any ideas as to what we would like to do, our own beach race, bike display?
  • How do we maximize the charity aspect of the ride?
  • I need someone who could act as Base Camp who can receive SPOT updates, call ahead and sort out accommodation, co-ordinate any rescue, anyone out there who could do that?

This will all come together very quickly with a non-confirmed start date of November 14th to arrive in Invercargill November on the 25th, hopefully.


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