GS Anniversary Ride

Posted: July 23, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride

Just a quick update to let you know that planning is fully underway for the GS Anniversary Ride with most (not all) of the route nearly sorted.

A tentative start date will be Sunday, November 14th and we should be rolling into Invercargil about 10 days later.  Once the route has been laid out all details will be posted on the blog site.  I’m currently looking at an option whereby, using Google Earth, you can do a fly over of the route before we really start, however, every off road (by this I generally mean a shingle or hard packed farm track) will have a tarmac bypass so each day you can pick and choose what you want.  We will also try and pick routes you might not normally ride so it should be interesting for all.

There is no charge to come along for the ride, be it one day or the whole thing, but the odd drink in the evenings would be appreciated.  I will have a GPS transmitter on-board so everyone who can’t do the ride (poor sods) can follow it online, and/or work out where we are so they can meet up at any time.

All costs involved during the trip will need to be paid directly.  Costs that you should budget for are:

  • Fuel
  • Food & Drink
  • Accommodation (we will try and ensure there are camping options available and/or stay with friends in each location, totally up to you MOST nights.  There will be nights where accommodation is available and a couple of nights meals will need to be provided by the venues, as we will be in the middle of nowhere)
  • Ferry crossings (not just Inter Island)
  • Private Land fees (we will be going through some private land and they tend to charge a small fee for road maintenance, $5 to $10 seem to be the order of the day)
  • Entry fee for the Burt Munro Challenge events ( if you are coming that far

I have yet to see what the majority decision was in relation to the Charity that was selected but all will be revealed.

I do need some help in the form of someone who could run a Base Camp when the ride starts.  They would be our point of contact in respect to any emergency and or maybe liaise with media along the way, so anyone out there who could help?

Also, would any members of the Register be willing to billet us as we pass through you town.  Everyone will hopefully be carrying a sleeping bag and tent so essentially its just a place to crash.

Planned (but not confirmed) night stops will be:  Russell, Leigh, Tauranga, Napeir, Wellington (or Picton),  Hanmer, Queenstown, Invercargill.

Some nights have been left out on purpose as they are in the middle of nowhere so only one accommodation option available.

  1. Garry Williams says:

    Grand! I’m in this for the whole trip.

    It’ll be an adventure just getting to Cape Reinga for the start 🙂

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