GS Anniversary Ride Charity

Posted: August 2, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride
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There was an overwhelming majority that selected the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service as our preferred charity.

I’m just sorting out an Event Page at Fundraiseonline and once up I will let you know what to do but in the meantime start thinking about ways you could possibly fund raise for this worthy cause.

In addition we are looking for some prizes for those that take part in the event. If you have anything to offer then let me know. Maybe one of the prizes could be for the person that raises the most for our preferred Charity.

Lastly, does anyone out there know anything about how to garner media coverage for our ride? Can anyone help with this?

  1. Send Savings says:

    I believe more & more people need to get aware of the Charity work & this helps in spreading the Motto of the charitable organizations. Regarding Media coverage the more number of people participate in it the more chances of getting Media attention.

  2. Ian Reed says:

    What links exactly does the OR have with BMW itself? Is there an opportunity to somehow publicise through BMW itself and make use of their public relations and press release people?

    • BlogMaster says:

      Hi Ian,

      Happy to say the John Glaswell at BMW Head Office in Auckland is working hard behind the scenes to help us in the area you have suggested.


  3. Ian Reed says:

    I wonder if the Marketing team at Life Flight ( might be able to help publicise too? They are after all the beneficiaries of the fund raising…

  4. Ian Reed says:

    With regards to Life Flight, I’ve just come across this –>

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