GS Anniversary Ride – Update

Posted: August 6, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride

Hi all,

It’s amazing to see how many people are watching this site and taking an active interest in our wee bike ride.

Just to let you know that we are still working on finalising the itinerary which is still a week or so away.  Once completed it will be posted here and will provide details of where we are heading but not how we are getting there, this will come later once we get all the route plans in.

The initial itinerary will give you all the information you will need in order to BOOK YOUR OWN ACCOMMODATION, we will provide one suggestion at each destination but its your choice completely as to how salubrious your sleeping arrangements are.

There will be a few nights where you will not have much any choice so all I can suggest is book early as otherwise you will be sleeping in your tent.

Lastly, it would be great to see some more riders get involved in fund-raising for our selected charity.  You can sign up here

If you just want to donate towards it then here is the link:

To date $770 has been raised but we expect this to be much higher than that so get to it!!!

  1. Ian Reed says:

    I also have a fund raising page here:

    Would be good to get lots of pages out there that are personal to the riders

  2. Dave Williams says:

    Have we got any dates for the ride?? I’m putting in leave for it now….


  3. Kelly Rogers says:

    Hi guys!!!! Following your progress feeling gutted I’m missing out!!!!! Sounds like yas are having a blast!!

  4. Kelly Rogers says:

    Also Yay!!!! Ian your’ve reached your donation goal!! Congrats!!!

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