History of the BMW Roundel

Posted: August 25, 2010 by BlogMaster in BMW News

Below is a BMW news release made on the 90th anniversary of the registration of the BMW trademark, the BMW Roundel (BMW badge / BMW logo). It sets straight once and for all the common misconception that their emblem, the blue-and-white “roundel,” was borrowed from the company’s aircraft-engine division, an interpretation of a spinning propeller!

So where did the Great Spinning Propeller Myth come from? It seems BMW itself is partly to blame.

“The idea that blue and white had anything to do with spinning propellers comes from a 1929 advertisement that featured aircraft with the image of the roundel in the rotating propellers,” says the company. “This advertisement came at the beginning of the Great Depression, which coincided with BMW acquiring the license to build Pratt & Whitney radial aircraft engines. The advertising department used the roundel and BMW heritage in an attempt to increase sales of the new radial motors.”

Read the full article here > http://www.motorcycleinfo.co.uk/index.cfm?fa=contentGeneric.dnvjxqtaqfhxwmvv&pageId=166126


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