Revoke authorised access to my personal details (Opt-out)

Posted: August 25, 2010 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff

From November 1st, 2010 a new law comes into effect that will allow you to deny third party access to your address via your vehicle registration number.

You can elect to keep your address private by opting out via the link below.

  1. Allie Dunn says:

    Not quite correct … if you look on NZ TA’s website you will see that the CURRENT law allows this access to your details to people that rock up to NZ Post etc and pay the prescribed fee.

    The NEW LAW that comes into effect from 1 November 2010 will better protect our personal information by allowing us the option of opting out of allowing third parties access to our private details.

    You can follow the link on the NZTA website but note that your opting out will not take effect until the new law comes into effect on 1 November 2010.


  2. Garry Williams says:

    This doesn’t in fact come into effect until 1 April 2011 and the new law will permit the release of personal information only for the following purposes:

    – enforcement of the law
    – maintenance of the security of New Zealand
    – collection of charges imposed or authorised by an enactment; and
    – the administration and development of transport law and policy.

    Anyone who wishes to obtain names and addresses held on the Motor Vehicle Register outside of these purposes will have to make an Official Information Act request to the NZTA. The NZTA, when considering an Official Information request for names and addresses held on the Motor Vehicle Register must weigh up the public interest in releasing the information sought against the privacy rights of the person concerned. To assist the NZTA to understand the public interest benefits of releasing the information, applicants may wish (but are not obliged) to advise the NZTA of the purpose for which they are seeking the information. To whit, it’s highly unlikely your personal information would get released based on a request to NZTA for no, or no good, reason.

    Alternatively any person can seek a special ‘authorisation’ from the Secretary for Transport for the release of persoanl details. The ‘opting-out’ bit is only applicable if you do not wish your name and address to be released to a person who has been granted this ‘authorisation’ from the Secretary for Transport, not from other OIA requests.

    Names of companies or other corporate bodies will still be publicly available.

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