GS Riders Heading North

Posted: August 27, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride

Hopefully you have all sorted out your Ferry Bookings and Burt Munro Tickets by now, and don’t forget your accommodation.

Now for those riders heading North to the Start (currently just over 20) here is some information for you.

The South Island riders are catching the 1400 Bluebridge Ferry on November 11th from Picton to Wellington.  Garry Williams will meet us at the Ferry Terminal and guide us to his place in Upper Hutt where you are all welcome to find some floor space somewhere (you will be sharing this space with his dog).

The next day (12th) we will head North taking in The Forgotten Highway.  We will make our way to North of Hamilton where Malcolm Sergent has invited us all to stay and is putting on a bit of a BBQ for us.

The next day (13th) we head to Auckland and will visit Experience BMW who will put on a sausage sizzle.  We then head North of Kaitaia where we are all invited to crash at Rosco’s place.

The next morning will be a short run to Cape Reinga and the start of the GS Ride proper.

I will put up a questionnaire in October to get better numbers for each days ride and to find out how many will be taking advantage of the above offers of places to stay.

  1. Mark Roberts says:


    I have just finished arranging all my accommodaton, ferry etc.

    There seemed to be a lot of single beds being booked at some venues by the prospective riders. I suspect many like myself who would be happy to share, but I do not know anyone else going. I know of at least one location where small room availability is all but exhausted (Hanmer).

    Is some coordination possible for accommodation, both to save costs and allow more people to stay at the selected venue?

    I would be happy to help sort this if you saw a need and have an idea how we might do this?



    • BlogMaster says:

      Hi Mark, I thought everyone was going to camp!!!

      Trying to organise accommodation is a nightmare hence why we are not trying. I would suggest that if you are happy to share a room then just tell the provider and they can put people together.


  2. Darren says:

    Hi Justin,

    Will details about where to meet and stay in Kaitaia (Rosco’s) be available closer to the time?


    • BlogMaster says:

      I will be providing the address only to those who have said they are staying. This will be by e-mail as I don’t want to publish any addresses.

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