Rent a Classic GS for the GS Anniversary Ride!

Posted: September 14, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride

I have a 1983 R80GS PD that I would love to bring on the GS Anniversary ride but the dates simply don’t work for me (due to visiting rellies).

The bike is really miffed about this so I thought I ‘d see if anyone would like to rent it from me for the ride. It’s a fabulous bike in tip top condition sporting WP suspension, 1000cc Seibenrock step up kit, fog lamps, sheepskin saddle, TKC 80s, custom exhaust (with barky roar) panniers tank bag etc etc.

Email me ( if you’re interested the price is $110 per day inclusive of insurance.  For comparison, a new R1200 GS would cost $330 per day, plus insurance.  The bike is located in Motueka.


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