Tyre & Filter Change in Wellington

Posted: September 14, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride
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Todd Crighton from Motomart in Lower Hutt is really getting behind the GS Ride.  Motomart is the local BMW agents for Wellington and the Lower North Island and Todd is sorting out a group of riders to ride up from Wellington to Napier to join the main ride back on November 18th.  He is also putting on a BBQ for us at Motomart that evening.

Todd has also offered to keep his workshop open for anyone needing a tyre or filter change, before we hit the serious roads of the South Island.

If you want to fit a new set of tyres and/or filter then you must let Todd know well in advance so they can have the tyres and filters in stock when we arrive.  They will also ship back any partly worn tyres to your home address.

Give Todd a call on 04 589-5106 or e-mail him at todd@motomart.co.nz to arrange your new tyres and a filter change.


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