GS Anniversary Ride – A wee taster……

Posted: September 28, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride

Some random videos from YouTube of  the tracks we will be riding….wish you were here??  The ones chosen may not accurately reflect the exact route we take but it is all I could find.  The Detailed Ride Report will be released this week.

90 Mile beach

The Mangamuka Gorge – I cycled up this!

Drivers in Whananaki – you have been warned!!!!

Waiau Falls

Towards Lake Rotama

Mohaka Viaduct

To Porangahau

The Waihi Falls

The Rimataka Hill Ranges – in reverse

The Maungatapu – done in reverse

Crossing the Rainbow

Crossing the Lees Valley – hopefully without the snow

The Black Forest Station, or

The Hakataramea

Dansey’s Pass

The Dunstan Trail

Crossing The Nevis

Mavora Lakes – we will be on a different road, I think!

The Bluff Hill Climb – I cycled up this hill for some oysters!

Oreti Beach Race

Wyndenham Street Races


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