GS Anniversary Ride Itinerary

Posted: September 30, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride
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Finally, the most asked for item for the trip is available for review.  As per the Ride Overview document, this will be combined into a Tour Booklet for all those taking part but we will only be printing sufficient numbers based on those riders who have completed the Confirmed Riders Register, so if you are coming, even if its just one day, please complete the Register.

A few other points, I called  a number of the suggested Accommodation Providers and was surprised to find that they had received very few bookings.  So for the sake of repeating myself, if you are coming on the ride, the following must be completed by YOU.

  1. You must book your own accommodation at each of the designated venues.  If you have friends or family to stay with then that is fine, but if you are staying at one of our venues, even if you are camping, then you must book your spot.
  2. You must book your own spot on the Bluebridge Ferry if crossing the ditch.
  3. Once you have secured approval to take part, you must complete the Confirmed Riders Register (to the right of this post) otherwise we will not be printing a Souvenir Tour Booklet for you.  If you are joining us for a day you still must complete this.  We also need the confirmed numbers in order to arrange suitable transport across Lake Wakatipu.
  4. At some point you must return the signed Disclaimer Form, you can do this by fax or e-mail anytime up to November 10th, 2010.  After this it must be handed to Justin Ryan when you join the tour.

Please don’t e-mail me question where the answers can be found on this blog.  Every article that relates to the ride can be found on the link above titled GS Anniversary Ride so look there first.

Lastly, only those riders who have Confirmed they are starting at Cape Reinga will be given details of the overnight stops on the way North.  These will be e-mailed directly to them as I won’t be publishing this information.

GS Anniversary Ride Itinerary


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