Test your GS Knowledge and win a Journey On Enhanced Recovery Package

Posted: October 31, 2010 by BlogMaster in GS Anniversary Ride
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Thanks to STAR Insurance we have one Enhanced Recovery Packages available to the first person who can answer a number of GS questions correctly.

The Enhanced Recovery Packages covers:

Journey On ENHANCED provides the Everything you need to get up and running again PLUS Medical, Legal Advice Lines, Concierge Service and Hotel Accomodation or Rental Vehicle if you are more than 100km away from home and can’t be mobilised. See full details at: https://www.journeyon.co.nz/tp_faq.aspx?I=12#2

The questions are below and the only condition is you need to be a Registered Rider for the GS Anniversary Ride.  Use comments to answer the questions and the first one will win the Journey on packages, which can be enabled in time for the GS Ride.  All answers can be found through the links on this site.

  1. What happened in Avignon, France on September 1st, 1980?
  2. How many R80 GS’s were sold over its production life?
  3. What was the smallest HP output of any BMW GS and what model was it?
  4. What is the connection between Aprilia and BMW?
  5. What was the first production BMW motorbike to have a seat height of 920 mm?

Happy researching!!!

  1. Ian Reed says:

    1. BMW presented the R80GS to the press

    2. 21,864

    3. 27 hp R65GS. Also a 27hp variant of the R80GS

    4. Aprilia built the first generation of the F650, before production moved to Berlin for its successor. In 2005 they negotiated a new collaboration for development and production services

    5. BMW R1200GS HP2

    I think… …possibly!