Free motorcycle parking is under attack

Posted: January 13, 2011 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff
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I have received the following item from BRONZ in relation to Wellington City Council considering the option to charge motorcyclist for parking.  This seems such a weird approach for any Council to do as surely encouraging motorcycle use helps in so many way, just look at Melbourne and how they support motorcyclists.  So BRONZ ask that we all get behind their petition as that other cities don’t go down the same negative path…

Keep motorcycle parking free – sign the petition!

WCC are reviewing the use of on-road motorcycle parking, which may include the introduction of fees / charges.

Do your bit by signing the “keep it free” petition:

Even if you aren’t a Wellingtonian – sign the petition.
If parking fees for motorcycles goes ahead here, you can guarantee one council will set a precedent for other councils “justifying” fees to be a nationwide thing.

Here is a link to the policy:

The Policy was drafted September 2007 with an implementation timeframe of 3 – 5 years. The motorcycle section in question is on pg 28 which states:

“f. Review the provision for motorcycle parking, including investigating issues such as quantity of spaces, location, parking price and motorcycle parking provision in town and suburban centres”

PS: Kudos and credit to BRONZ for organising this.


  1. Garry Williams says:

    Astounding! This policy document was released in 2007 and, if people took the time to read it before jumping up and down, would realise that the development of operational policy and the planned implementation was 2009.

    Oddly enough it’s now 2011 and nothing has changed. That’s because there was a huge amount of coordinated feedback from Wellington motorcyclists during the consultation phase once the policy document was released. On top of this was a practical approach by the way of contacting council representatives, some of whom are also motorcyclists, to inform their thinking.

    As a consequence, Mayor Kerry Prendergast put in writing a commitment to us that while she remained Mayor there would be no move to charge motorcyclists for parking in the CBD.

    I am quite sure Celia Wade-Brown and her council, because of the arguments already put forward around fuel efficiency, carbon emissions and space saving in the CBD, would take a similar stance to maintaining free parking for motorcycles within the CBD.

    There is no need for this petition, the issue is a dead duck – well at least until some WCC policy analyst with no new ideas puts this one up again the next time council review their parking policies.

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