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Exploring Waipara

Posted: May 24, 2011 by BlogMaster in Bike/Rider Safety
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Last Sunday was such a great day I decided to go and explore some of the roads around Waipara, and check out some of the other coffee shops as I have always tended to stop at either Pukeko Junction or The Norwester.  So first stop was for fuel at Shell in Amberley and right beside it is a wee cafe which I had never ventured into but it was a fantastic surprise.

They had a great selection of fresh salads, slices and a comprehensive breakfast/lunch menu.  While enjoying a coffee and egg & bacon slice a large group of bikes stopped to join me, so it must be a good spot to stop.  I had to laugh when leaving as one of the riders suggested ‘I keep the shiny side up’ but if you could have seen my bike that day you would have laughed too as there was no shiny part at all.

Anyway, my first road to explore was Kate Valley Road, first right after the Waipara Bridge heading North.  Right at the intersection there is a container advertising a Spa which I was keen to check out but it didn’t exist.  The road passes the Mt Cass Walkway and a bit further on the Tiromoana Bush Walkway.  Both of these are managed by Transwest who is the company that runs the large landfill on the road, not that you could see any of it.  The road turns to gravel and ends at a farmers yard, but an awesome road all the same.

Back to the highway and left back towards Christchurch but turning right opposite Mudhouse Wines onto Georges Road.  I had expected this job to take me back towards Amberley (South) but in fact it took me North eventually coming out on the Lake Sumner road West of Hawarden.

The road itself is about 50% sealed/gravel and both parts are just stunning.  Before you leave the sealed section you pass the Iron Ridge Quarry ( which is a quarry that has been converted into an art gallery.  The venue would make a wonderful place for a mid winter BBQ, Raymond will even supply the BBQ.

Carrying on the road passes through some pine forestry and runs past the gates of McDonalds Downs Farm.  From here you can either carry on straight or haed back towards Waipar via Pyramid Valley, both of which are great rides.

Heading home I decided to stop at the Red Brick Cafe at Waikuku.  This again was a great surprise as I had always gone past it as it was so close to leaving home and I generally was not needing a coffee so soon but the cafe is worth a visit just for itself.  They had an excellent variety of food and the plate of Pork Ribs I saw was impressive.  I just had a Rum Ball which was delicious.

Anyway, I find it’s always interesting to explore the roads that are in your backyard as they are often overlooked.  Last weekend we had a fantastic ride around Banks Peninsula, covering about 250 kms and most of it great gravel roads.

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St John – Anzac Day Ride

Posted: April 19, 2011 by BlogMaster in Bike/Rider Safety
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Just a quick reminder that the annual St John Ambulance fund raising ride is on Monday 25th April…ANZAC Day.

Riders should begin assembling at South City carpark from 11am where ride badges and raffle tickets are on sale.  The ride through to the Awa-Iti Domain at Little River leaves at 1pm.  A BBQ and hot drinks will be on offer there and the drawers for the raffles will also take place.  All proceeds go to St John.

This event is on rain, hail or shine.  Please encourage your members to attend as St John do an awesome job and we need a big turnout to show them we appreciate what they do, afterall who is it that turns up to pick up the pieces when the wheels fall off..

St Johns Poster 2011

Wheels Week Fundraising Ride – May 8th

Posted: March 15, 2011 by BlogMaster in Bike/Rider Safety

Looking for a good reason to got for a ride then check out the attached.

Wheels Week Motorcycle Ride

It is a great event with loads of great raffle prizes, last year we had 120 bikes a great sight & sound in the parade.
We look forward to seeing you there.

A road to the Middle East!

Posted: February 21, 2011 by BlogMaster in Bike/Rider Safety

When I was told that we were going to Mesopotamia I thought we were heading to the Middle East as ancient Mesopotamia was where Iraq and Iran are situated.  But not this one, we were heading to Mesopotamia Station which can be found in the upper reaches of the Rangitata River.  To get there you drive up the Rangitata Gorge with the last stop for food and a great coffee at the Peel Forest Store.

Only four of us turned up to do this ride which was a recon for future rides.  We had Jeff, Geoff, Chris and Justin on the trip and it did not start well for Justin and got progressively worse.  On the way to the meeting point at the Rolleston BP he noticed his riding lights had all blown.  Not too worry, just use high beam for the ride but later on this was not an option.

Anyway, the day was pretty sunny at Rolleston but proceeded to get progressively worse as we turned inland from Ashburton.  By the time we got to the Peel Forest Store it was very overcast and pretty cold.  After an unscheduled brunch we all donned extra clothing and carried on only to have to stop about 10 minutes later to take them off as it was beautifully again just over the hill.

The ride in was pretty fast as the road was in excellent condition but there were many reasons to stop and take photos as the scenery was just so big…

When we got to the Station we were warmly met by Malcolm & Sue Prouting.  They gave us a brief run down on the history of the station and showed us some very old photos of previous inhabitants.  Sue also mentioned they had a 150 acre paddock that can be used as a play area for motorbikes, that certainly sparked my interest but we failed to find it.

The return journey was when the real adventure started.  Justin’s bike had a moment with a funny noise coming from the front but a quick review did not show any problems, however the battery light was now on so the bike had just shred it’s alternator belt.  Never mind, should be enough juice to get me home.

By the time we left the homestead Geoff noticed his front tyre was flat but a quick review could see no obvious punctures, however his rim had suffered some damage hence the  loss of air.  Luckily Justin was carrying a tube (following the suggestion from Garry Williams during the GS Anniversary Ride).  This was quickly put in place only to find we pinched it so had to take it off again to fix the puncture.

We stopped again for a coffee at the Peel Forest Store and carried on our way.  Justin’s bike failed in Mayfield but a quick swap of batteries meant he could carry on and actually managed to get all the way home to Christchurch, not quite home but that was resolved by a short tow.

Overall it was a fantastic day, but there was very important lessons learnt.

  • When heading into the back country you need to carry everything you need to cover most eventualities.
  • Even bikes fitted with tubeless tyres should carry tube.
  • A tow rope is a great addition.
  • Traveling with similar model bikes lets you swap parts if need be.

Heidenau Tyres in Christchurch

Posted: February 7, 2011 by BlogMaster in Bike/Rider Safety
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If you are after Heidenau Tyres they can be purchased from Motoworks on Mortimor Place.  The guy there is Shane and you can call him on 03 3777407.

Mortimor Place is off Manchester Street, down by Jeff Gray BMW.

Dan Ornbsy from Motorcycle Training is running his first, full day, training event on Monday the 11th at 0900.  The cost is $220 and that includes your lunch.

Dan has been an instructor for Mainland but decided to go out on his own.  The event on Monday is the Advanced Course.  You can contact Dan through his website or phone him on 027 482 3510.

Punakaiki Ride postponement

Posted: September 17, 2010 by BlogMaster in Bike/Rider Safety

Hello Canterbury BMWOR members and friends

Yesterday we sent out an email to determine the commitment of riders to the Punakaiki weekend ride and the Saturday loop through the two passes.

The overwhelming majority of people asked for the ride to be postponed and accordingly we will update and send out a new October rides list which will see this event coincide with Labour Weekend and Greymouth Street Races, staying at Punakaiki on the Sunday evening and returning home Monday.

As for this weekend the weather along the Canterbury coast should be rideable so I will put out a text message on Saturday afternoon confirming the rendezvous point as Nor Wester cafe, Amberley, departure 9.30am. Suggested route will be the Leader Valley loop via SH1 then back through Culverden.


Warren and Lex

Canterbury BMWOR Area Reps

On reviewing the information provided by all the riders who have registered their interest for the GS Anniversary Ride it is obvious there is a large range of ability between the riders (based on their own opinion).

I know one of the riders has ridden through South America, Australia and I’m not sure where else, whereas others have had limited experience, but all are welcome.  It will be interesting to see how it all works out and hopefully those more experienced riders will pass on some of their knowledge to the newbies.

One aspect you need to consider before heading out is the setup of your motorbike for Adventure Riding.  A lot of this will come down to personal choice but for those that are unsure then I suggest you grab a copy of Bike Rider Magazine as  John Nick (who will be one of our Lead Riders on the trip) is running a series of articles about setting your bike up correctly for Adventure Riding.

The September issues looks at selecting the right bars and the October issues is all about getting everything adjusted correctly when riding standing up, or in the Attack Position.  For those who have not done a lot of off-road riding, standing up on your pegs will give you far better control of your bike and the ability to look further ahead, however, you need to make sure your bike is setup correctly or you will end up with a very sore back.  It is well worth investing in a set of wide pegs for your bike if it does not currently have any, see the offer from Touratech in a previous post.

Another bonus in getting a copy of the Sept and Oct editions is that John Nick also rides a couple of the trails we will be riding, the Hawkesburn Road between Clyde and Bannockburn, plus the Black Forest Station so you can read up on how adventurous the ride is going to be.

Check out YouTube for plenty of videos on the skills you will need for the trip.

GS Challenge / Training in the US

Posted: August 23, 2010 by BlogMaster in Fun Stuff, Rider Training

Check this link at a rider training event held in the US >

BMWOR Rider Training Cancelled

Posted: July 13, 2010 by BlogMaster in Rider Training
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Due to a lack of interest, the August 8th Rider Training at Ruapuna has been canceled.

Karel of Pro-Rider feels it is possibly too cold but don’t we all have headed hand grips!!!!

Anyway, she is running another training day, open to all, on October 4th.  Full details in the document below.

Ad for Oct Ruapuna 2010