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Lost and Found Pannier

Posted: April 19, 2011 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff

If you lost a BMW Pannier around Christmas on SH73 close to West Melton then it has been found.

He says it will fit a K75S but may also fit other models.

If you are the owner or know who might be then respond to this post and I can put you in touch with the person who found it.


Bavarian Motorcycle Services have been appointed agents for Bags-Connections motorcycle equipment.

Their range includes similar items to Touratech and Wunderlich but they also have a great selection of soft luggage to fit any bike. This includes profiled Tank Bags (great for GS riders as you can stand without the bag interfering with your posture) and Tail Bags with or without side panniers.

You can view their catalogue below and call Jim on 03 381-1478 for pricing.  Items are to order only but he does have a great selection of samples to view at their workshop at 21e Aldwins Road.

Bags-Connection 2011 Catalogue

Free motorcycle parking is under attack

Posted: January 13, 2011 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff
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I have received the following item from BRONZ in relation to Wellington City Council considering the option to charge motorcyclist for parking.  This seems such a weird approach for any Council to do as surely encouraging motorcycle use helps in so many way, just look at Melbourne and how they support motorcyclists.  So BRONZ ask that we all get behind their petition as that other cities don’t go down the same negative path…

Keep motorcycle parking free – sign the petition!

WCC are reviewing the use of on-road motorcycle parking, which may include the introduction of fees / charges.

Do your bit by signing the “keep it free” petition:

Even if you aren’t a Wellingtonian – sign the petition.
If parking fees for motorcycles goes ahead here, you can guarantee one council will set a precedent for other councils “justifying” fees to be a nationwide thing.

Here is a link to the policy:

The Policy was drafted September 2007 with an implementation timeframe of 3 – 5 years. The motorcycle section in question is on pg 28 which states:

“f. Review the provision for motorcycle parking, including investigating issues such as quantity of spaces, location, parking price and motorcycle parking provision in town and suburban centres”

PS: Kudos and credit to BRONZ for organising this.


Our beloved leader has been in an accident!

Posted: October 19, 2010 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff
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As most of you will now be aware, Warren Taylor was involved in a wee tussle with a car last week.  Needless to say the car won and Warren ended up with a broken collar bone and thumb.  He was riding Lex’s motorbike at the time which is now no more, and Lex had just passed her Learners Licence so was looking forward to going riding.  If you have a spare 250 lying around that you are not using then maybe consider lending it to Lex.

The accident involved a car turning across in front of Warren when he was about 500 metres from home.  The driver happened to be one of Warren’s employees, and even as Warren was writhing in pain on the ground his opening remarks were “Well your performance review is not looking very good’!  Good on you Warren.

Anyway, we wish you a speedy recovery.

When it comes to amazing adventures on motorcycles there are a number of names that spring to mind.  Ted Simon started it all with Jupiter Travels, then Ewan and Charlie with their Long Day Round, and Long Way Down.  From New Zealand we had Des Molloy on his Last Hurrah and the many adventures of Jo and Gareth Morgan, but have you heard about Emilio Scotto?

Emilio Scotto began his professional life as a pharmaceutical salesman in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  But a long simmering dream to travel the world eventually got the better of him,  In 1985, with $300 in his pocket,  he set out on a c journey around the world that would last a record-setting 10 years.

In this time Emilio traveled 735,000 kilometres.  Used 42,500 litres of fuel, 1,135 litres of oil, 86 tyres, 11 batteries, 9 seats and incurred 15 traffic fines.  We came under gun fire twice, was robbed 5 times and suffered 3 major illnesses.  He was also imprisoned 6 times, visited 279 countries and went through 13 passports.

If he was refused a visa a border or embassy he would just sit, for as many days as it took, at the border until the authorities relented.  He even managed an audience with the Pope and was confirmed as a Muslim so he could get into Saudi Arabia.  He was unlucky to be in Mogadishu when the conflict started and was one of the first motorcyclist to be granted a permit in a number of countries.

He rode through the Amazon jungle along Indian walking tracks, crossed the Sahara, over the top of Tibet, through China, across India and also visited many islands along the way.

And, if all the above was not an amazing story in itself, it was his choice of motorbike that will totally surprise you.  It wasn’t a Triumph or BMW but a Honda, and not a Dominator either but a huge Honda Goldwing weighing over 300 kg.

So, if you are keen on reading an amazing story and an amazing journey then I suggest you grab a copy of his book called The Longest Ride, and the author is Emilio Scotto.

From November 1st, 2010 a new law comes into effect that will allow you to deny third party access to your address via your vehicle registration number.

You can elect to keep your address private by opting out via the link below.

Helmet Cameras!

Posted: August 2, 2010 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff

Does anyone own, owned, have an opinion or know anything about suitable helmet cameras for use on a motorbike?

I guess the big issue will be unwanted noise (wind and engine etc), vibration, battery life and film length.

Let us know what you know.

You could be owed thousands!!!

Posted: June 30, 2010 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff

The IRD is currently holding onto thousands of dollars of money belonging to people like you.

The money does not relate to Tax Returns but to funds from financial and insurance institutions where they were unable to locate the rightful owner.

See if you are on the list HERE!

Wellington Motomart wins Awards

Posted: June 29, 2010 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff
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The BMW Dealer in Wellington, Motomart, has been awarded the ‘Top Wellington Dealer’ and the Supreme Award for all Motorcycle Dealers in the Lower North Island at the recent MTA Awards Dinner.

So a big well done to Todd and all his crew up there.

Does anyone know how Jeff Gray BMW fared?

Pillion slides off motorbike

Posted: June 14, 2010 by BlogMaster in Other Stuff

A Timaru man is recovering in Christchurch Hospital after falling off the back of a motorbike travelling at 100kmh.

The incident happened about 5pm on Saturday, when the 42-year-old pillion passenger “slid” off the seat and bounced for 30 metres along the road. It happened on a sweeping bend in the highway, just north of Orari.

Geraldine police senior constable Mike Stephens said the man’s arm was badly broken and he also had leg injuries.

“A witness who was following said he sort of just slipped off. It’s as if he’s just fallen asleep for no apparent reason.”

Mr Stephens said the man’s leathers and helmet saved him.

“He’s lucky all right, unbelievably lucky that nobody was following too close behind and that he landed in the right lane.”

A spokeswoman for Christchurch Hospital said the man was in a “fairly comfortable” condition.