GS Ride Sponsors & Links

Please use this area if you have any comments, suggestions about the ride in General.  This page will stay up for the duration and will also have the links to the Ride Plan, GPS Transmitter, Sponsors links and Fund-raising links.



The following companies/people have all agreed to help us in some form or another, details of how will be provided later but in the interim please show your support for them:




  1. GS ride , possibly already considering ?
    From Christchurch (or area depending on where coming from etc) Be good to go south via Porters Pass, Lake Lyndon & Colleridge (gravel),then go up south side Rakaia Gorge ,thru cross country pass to Lake Heron down Ashburton gorge towards Mt.Somers ( I know most farmers in area,including family) my be able to sort basic accommidation shearers hutts etc) can find abit of short cross country over farm land on to Upperdowns Road (gravel) then down north side Rangitata River (gravel/seal) to Geraldine area).
    Have family & farming friends middle Lindas Pass ,Banock Burn who I’m sure I can get Shearers Hutt accomidation etc.
    If this is anyhelp for GS trip.

  2. Steve Mills says:

    I wonder if you could advise a link which actually sets out the actual route(s) of the GS Anniversary ride ? I’ve tried all your links – none provide the info………..

    • BlogMaster says:

      Hi Steve, we have not published the route yet as still sorting out access to some private land. Will have a summary plan out by the end of next week (with the places we are staying) and the detailed route once I have got them all consolidated.

      Tried to e-mail you but your address was rejected as unavailable. Can you give me a valid address as I could send you a brief overview seeing as you are in the UK, or so it seems.

  3. Stuart Calder says:


    I spoke to Garry yesterday and it seems that the ride is in aid of the WestPac rescue helicopter. Nelson is served only by our “Summit Rescue helicopter”, sponsored primarily by Summit Realty. In speaking to their chief fundraiser here I was told that Westpac covers the major centres in NZ but that there are over 10 other major sponsors covering the service in smaller centres like Nelson. It may prove difficult to raise funds locally for the westPac Helicopter service as people here associate it with other parts of NZ – even if they do get rescued by it when in Auckland/wellington/Christchurch….Thoughts?

    Thanks, Stuart

    • BlogMaster says:

      Give me a few days to sort out what we can do through Fundraiseonline.

    • BlogMaster says:

      Hi Stuart, All the funds we raise will be given to the Westpac Trust to allocate to the various Helicopter Trusts.

      If you wish to donate to your local Trust specifically then I suggest you do so at but please let us know how much you raise/donate so we can get an overall figure.

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