Is that thing Diesel?

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Just reading the above book written by Paul Carter and its a real hoot.

Paul is an ex oil man who moved to Perth and then rode a bio-fuel motorbike around Australia, the only one available in Australia it seems.

His writing style makes putting the book down hard to do so a great read for anyone interested in bikes but more so his funny stories.

His blog site is


Should Santa move to New Zealand?

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Santa recently emailed WHK to ask if he should move his family business from the North Pole to New Zealand. After all, NewZealand is the land of the long white non-ash cloud (great for flying incognito) and small businesses, so what would he have tofear?

Various WHK tax and business advisors huddled together like elves, and came to the following conclusions….

First of all, what’s the chance of getting resource consents for his grotto and workshops any time under 10 years?  There are obviously concerns about noise from the neighbours, emissions and pollution by the greenies, and the whole idea of someone actually making a go of something by the tall poppy loppers. Santa had suggested a nice bach-come-workshop on the beach but the Foreshore and Seabed legislation has put paid to that.

Even if he managed to build the Workshop, his problems certainly wouldn’t stop there. The Department of Labour would be concerned about him employing undersized workers in an unsafe environment, whilst the Human Rights Commission would probably insist on an appropriate mix of elves from minority cultures, including without doubt some token Hobbits. And imagine if the elves found out about the Employment Relations Act or the Holidays Act – theycertainly wouldn’t be working Christmas Day without double time and a day in lieu. They would also expect protective clothing, and compulsory contributions to their Elf-Saver Super Scheme. Don’t even mention minimum wages… With all of these tantalising issues, the elves’ Australian union representative will likely get involved, and Santa’s backers may have no choice but to pull Christmas out of New Zealand. And is smacking an elf the same as smacking a small person???

Mrs Claus would be automatically entitled to one half of the workshop and his mistress the other, while the IRD would demand to see a market salary being paid to Santa. Doing Santa-like things for free is quite clearly tax avoidance!!  And let’s not even go near FBT on private use of the sleigh, or toys for own use.

Given our Bio-Security rules, the Reindeer would have to go through quarantine, and probably would be unavailable for at least 13 months. Even then, there would need to be measures taken so they can’t breed in the off-season (sorry, Rudolph!!).

Before he could take off, OSH would demand guide rails and a roll cage on the sleigh, Kyoto would require carbon neutrality of the reindeer (9 corks please), the SPCA would want to prohibit the gentle whipping of Donner and Blitzen, and the Ministry of Womens’ Affairs would decree that Ho Ho Ho was demeaning.  Although,one has to ask whether the alternatives of “He He He” or “Haw Haw Haw” are any more appropriate?

Further, the Privacy Commissioner would preclude the compilation of lists of good and bad children, and the Human Rights Commissioner would stipulate that Santa can’t discriminate against the bad ones.  That’s of course assuming that Wikileaks hadn’t released the ‘nice and naughty’ list early and ruined the surprise. Finally, the Commerce Commission would likely prosecute him for misrepresentation, as most of his toys have “made in China” on the label, when quite clearly they would be made in his NZ workshop.

Even when he did finally take off, some homeowners would demand landing fees, insurance companies would sue for damage to roofs, and indigenous New Zealanders would claim ancestral airspace usage royalties.  He couldn’t go over 100km per hour because of all the unmarked cop cars out there (it’s not revenue gathering!).  This is not even considering Santa’s exposure to prosecution for DIC (from all that beer and cookies) and B&E. We can only hope he doesn’t get tasered.

Once he landed at the end of a long night, he would be faced with endless litigation, fines and penalties relating to all of the above issues, and not least an assessment by the IRD for gift duty at 25% on the entire world’s Christmas presents he has delivered before October 2011.

So WHK’s considered advice…

Dear Santa,Perhaps you should continue to visit NewZealand only once a year.

Merry Christmas!!


1985 R80RT TIC for sale in Darfield

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A client of mine is looking to sell their 1985 R80 RT TIC.  The TIC  means its an ex police bike so is white in colour and in very good condition.  The police specs provided a different gearbox, better suspension and larger alternator than the standard RT.

There is a workshop manual and all receipts available.  Will sort out some photos and a more detailed description soon but if anyone is interested then let me know (reply to this post).

Looking between $4,000 and $5,000.  The bike is based in Darfield and has its registration on hold.

Exhaust from a K1200R

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I have a customer who wants to sell the original exhaust off his K1200R. As he no longer has the bike it has been sitting in the cupboard last couple of years. The exhaust was replaced with an aftermarket item from new so this exhaust has never actually been used although was fitted on a bike at one stage.

So if someone has maybe dropped their 1200 or knows of someone looking for an exhaust they can give me a call. It is the muffler only (no header pipes).

Will look at offers but around $500 should own it and we can help with freight.

Contact Marcus Fellerhoff at City Honda in Palmerston North on 06 357-7027 or



The Don is back at Pit Lane!!!!

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Had a call from Don from Pit Lane yesterday to say he is back up and running again which is great news.

They are having to operate from the back of their Manchester Street premises as they can still not access their shop due to the earthquake.  To get to their workshop you have to come off Dundas Street onto Atlas Lane and you will find them their.  The phone number is 03 379-7382 if you need some new tyres before Christmas.

GS Anniversary Ride Epilogue

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Hi all,

Well the party is now over with most riders having returned home, or on their way home.  Apart from the incident with Mark on 90 Mile Beach and Nigel in Nelson it was pretty event free, apart from the adventure.  Most bikes incurred a few dents here and there but all in keeping with the occasion.

If you are interested in looking at some of the photo’s then click HERE!

Alternatively, if you want to see what went on in South Africa then click HERE!

Update to GS Ride

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Hi All,

We are currently on the GS Anniversary Ride and finding it hard to get the time to update the blogs.  We have plenty of photos so will update when I can.

Mark Taylor from Christchurch suffered an unfortunate accident when leaving 90 Mile Beach and has suffered a broken collar bone.  This was a real shame as Mark had ridden his R80 the whole way to Cape Reinga only to end up having to leave the tour on the first day.  We wish Mark a speedy recovery.

The time has come for us to leave so this will be the last post regarding the trip so everyone should read it.

Just some final notes etc regarding the trip.

  1. Glenfalloch Station has eft-pos and you will be able to purchase beer and wine.  They will have some fuel available if anyone needs it.  The phone number for the accommodation house is 03 318-5113.  They will also ensure the spa pools are nice and hot.
  2. There is no eft-pos facility at Waipiata so you must ensure you are carrying cash. They are working very hard to sort out the roast on a spit but not confirmed yet, regardless dinner will be available, maybe possum pies for all.  As there are more riders than originally planned there may be a queue for the showers, there are only two.  There will be beer and wine available for purchase as well.
  3. If you are planning on joining but have not pre-registered then send me an e-mail with your name, bike model and rego, where you plan to join and finish.  You must also complete a disclaimer form and hand it to me when you join.  Riders who have pre-registered will be given preference for  the Ride Booklet and we may not have enough to go around.  You can e-mail me at  Those riders who have registered will be given preference wherever a preference is required.
  4. There will be a small supplementary charge (from $15 to $25) for the Lake Wakatipu crossing as the boat will have to make two trips in order to take all the bikes, and we have to use a Water Taxi to get the riders across.  The first sailing is planned for 1100, the second at 1300 so time to relax at Walter Peak or check Queenstown out. The Water Taxi will leave at 1300 with most of the riders and about 6 will travel on each barge crossing to help unload the bikes at Walter Peak.  I suggest that local SI riders go over on the first barge crossing thereby leaving time for the people from out of town to explore Queenstown.  Those riders who have not pre-registered will have to swim behind the barge or ride around to Te Anau if we can’t fit you on as space is limited.
  5. We have booked a room at the Cabbage Tree & Outpost for the final night wrap up (25th).  Dinner (a-la-carte) will be available from 1930 but we have use of the room from 1800 onwards and will put on a slide show of our event (they have a data show for us).  This place is 100% bike friendly and only a short walk from Oreti Park.  They run courtesy vans to and from the Park and the town centre.  They assure me you won’t go hungry.  They are charging $50 for the room which will have to come out of the $200 bar tab put up by Findspace (unless someone else would like to cover the room cost?).
  6. You will be given all your stickers and ride booklet as you join the ride, provided we have a completed Disclaimer Form from you.
  7. You will need about $100 in cash for Access Fees along the way.  In many cases these will be donated by the Station Owners to the Westpac Trust.
  8. Don’t forget to carry your own tie-downs and first aid kit.

Although we are expecting riders to join us along the way, the following have registered that they are taking part.  In total there will be over 50 bikes involved with the event, good eh!

  • 20 riders starting in Cape Reinga, of those six are from the South Island
  • 1 rider will join us in Russell
  • 14 riders join in Napier, 9 will stop in Wellington, 4 carry onto to Hanmer and one onto Te Anau
  • 12 riders join us in Picton
  • Then another three join us in either Hanmer or Glenfalloch

It seems quite a number of bikes are expected to come and meet us at Experience BMW in Auckland on our way to the start.  Experience is putting on a bbq breakfast from 0900 this Saturday so pop in and say hello if you can and/or make a donation to the Rescue Helicopter Services at  Just click on the link to the BMW GS Ride.

Lastly, the local Maori Iwi will be seeing us off with a traditional blessing at Cape Reinga, plus Graeme Crosby (NZ motorcycle and Isle of Man TT fame) will be joining us in Leigh to re-launch his book to the GS Riders.

Please note that the Leigh Sawmill Cafe is opening specifically for us on Monday night so make sure you thank them heaps.

Well thats all folks, we look forward to meeting you somewhere along the way.


Justin and the support team (Garry, Sam, David and Jeff)

The 30/30/30 Challenge

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New Zealand really must have a love affair with the BMW GS as apart from our wee adventure, there is a group of GS enthusiasts in the Bay of Plenty who are riding a GS for 30 days and plan to ride 30,000 ks.

Check out their blog posts HERE and good on them.  Hopefully we can hook up with them somewhere along the way when we come down through the BOP.

Follow the GS Rider’s Adventures

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If you are unable to take part in the GS Anniversary Ride, or plan to catch up with us along the way, then the following links will be of use to you.

Link 1 SPOT – Click HERE!

You can use this link to track our progress in real time.  The on board SPOT device will transmit our location every 10 minutes.  You will also be able to see when we start and stop each day and if he encounter any trouble.  For full details on how the SPOT works go HERE!  All riders can save this link to their cellphone if it has internet browser capabilities.  Otherwise let all your friends and family know so they can keep track of you.

Link 2 Spot Adventures – Click HERE!

This link includes the data from the SPOT device plus we will upload photos along the way.

You can show your support for the GS Riders by donating to the Westpac Trust Helicopter Rescue Services, our chosen charity.  Click HERE!