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ACC Protests

Posted: December 22, 2009 by BlogMaster in General

Please print and complete the attached petition re the recent ACC hikes, the battle is not over yet.

ACC Petition


Christchurch ACC Protest Ride

Posted: November 23, 2009 by BlogMaster in Events
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Christchurch ACC Protest Ride
Saturday December 5th

Register your attendance here.

Alright folks here it is, December the 5th there will be a protest ride starting from Izone Drive in Rolleston (there will be marshals to direct you to the start point) meeting from 10.30am.

The reason we are starting in Rolleston is that hopefully the Timaru and Ashburton riders will be attending.

We will be leaving around 12.00pm heading down Main South Rd, left into Main South Rd from the Sockburn roundabout, Riccarton Rd, Hagley Ave, Oxford Tce, Lichfield St then left into Colombo St and finishing in the square and we will take up the whole square. There we will be met by a few MPs and others.

It is time to step up the protes t and make some noise, yes traffic will be held up but we have to start making ourselves heard and seen, we have done the quiet protest now it is time to show the Christchurch public we are not happy.

I am also thinking of getting the learner riders and the scooters up front doing about 70kph. This will still be legal as the police still won’t help out but I am trying to get a meeting with the area commander for transport and say help out. I have heard there are some bikes with hazard lights if there is I need one to go right up front with hazards on, it would have to be a fairly experienced rider, if that is you can you PM me please so we can touch base and finalise it.

I have e-mailed all the clubs I can think of I will be heading to some bike shops to hand out up posters and have got in touch with some contacts in the media, so what I am hoping and expecting is that we can do better then the last rally’s as far as numbers is concerned. If you have t-shirts and banners then bring them and wear them, signs on your bike wouldn’t be a bad thing either. If anybody is keen we should head to the Wheatsheaf for a get together after the rally.

Kiwi Biker thread

ACC is not all bad!!

Posted: November 2, 2009 by BlogMaster in General

ACC is certainly getting a lot of bad press at the moment especially with motorcyclists, but NZ Payrollers are running a series of blog posts on what entitlements are available from ACC and I would hazard a guess that most people know very little about some of them.

Follow their posts HERE.

ACC Protest Ride

Posted: November 2, 2009 by BlogMaster in Events
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Please find attached an invitation to the ACC ride organised by the Ulysses Club.


Now more than ever we need to keep mindful about the dangers involved with riding motorcycles, especially when you see the crash statistics by region HERE!

According to the website, Ride Forever, 73% of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle, and of these, 49% were the fault of the other driver?1 That means in at least 51% of crashes, riders can take actions to minimise impact, or avoid it altogether. You can reduce your own chances of coming off your bike by always anticipating you won’t be seen, being prepared to take evasive action at any time and increasing visibility.

A study into fatal crashes found that, in addition to collisions at intersections, the two most common circumstances for crashes were head-on collisions and cornering.2 It also found that nearly a quarter of fatal crashes occurred while riding in groups of two or more.

Another study found that cornering accounted for 41% of all single-vehicle injuries, with road conditions playing a significant part in many of these crashes.3 Again, you can roll the odds in your favour by anticipating unseen hazards and looking for important clues. Be ready and able to take safe, evasive action. If you’re riding in a group, don’t be tempted to ride beyond your skill and comfort level just to keep up with others.

This website offers some sensible ideas on riding safely and also have a great FREE DVD involving critiquing the riding habits of three ridirs as they ride from the city centre  to the country.  You can order your copy HERE!

Advice from ACC

Posted: October 29, 2009 by BlogMaster in General
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I had an interesting meeting today with a representative from ACC who gave a talk mainly on what the ACC does for people and companies.

At the end of it I had a frank discussion (his name was Frank, really) about the proposed changes to ACC for motorbike riders and how unfair it was.  He agreed totally, and one point we both agreed on was that the fee should not be charged per vehicle but per driver/rider.  This way you pay only one fee regardless of whether you drive a car or ride a motorcycle (either on the road or farm).  Attach it to the drivers licence, seems fair to me.  If you don’t want to pay it then you just surrender your licence.

Anyway, I will be writing a whole heap of stuff on what ACC provides at NZ Payrollers so if you are interested check it out.  They provide some very useful entitlements that most people have no idea about.

Frank did mention that they are aware of the situation facing riders from inept drivers but not much he could do.  So its up to everyone to make their voice heard by submitting their view point by November 10th, you can read how by clicking HERE!

In addition the ACC website has some useful tips for safe riding, click HERE!

ACC & New Zealand Government

Posted: October 20, 2009 by BlogMaster in General
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As you have no doubt heard the New Zealand Government is proposing obscene levy increase of ACC Levies for motorcyclists.  It seems they think that motorcyclists are the root of all evil so eliminating us will reduce the cost of providing ACC payouts in respect to motorcycle accidents.

It takes no account of the crazy car drivers that cause most of the accidents, and in fact they get off totally blameless under the ACC regime.  What a difference it would make to accidents and our safety if anyone found to have caused an accident is held personally accountable for all costs associated with the outcome of the accident.  I’m sure then we would see a huge reduction in all accidents and all car drivers driving with their eyes opened and their brains engaged.

Anyway, if you feel the proposed fee hikes are unjust then you need to make your voice heard.  Some possible strategies are:

  1. Write to your local National MP and let them know what you think, or better still ring them up.
  2. Submit your thoughts to the ACC no later than 5 pm on November 10th, 2009.  Send to or phone 0800 650-222
  3. Check out this site for some more info – BikersAgainstACC
  4. Provide financial assistance to B.R.O.N.Z to help fight the changes.
  5. Sign this petition

This is what they are proposing….

ACC levies