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This was the headline in the ODT the Monday following The Brass Monkey and one must wonder about the intelligence of some riders.  It seems they ignored road closed signs and locked gates and in doing so put their lives at risk and the lives of the locals who had to go to their rescue…..dumb, real dumb.

However, for the rest of the 2,500 who attended they had a great time and all most managed to get away safely.  It seems a Goldwing fell over on a riders leg as he was leaving and instead of riding away he was carted away in the Ambulance with a broken leg.

We got down to a snow covered Oturehua on the Thursday and awoke to a beautiful sunny Friday the next day…

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A number of bikes turned up on the Friday which was a smart move as they had the pick of the site.  The locals put together an impressive pile of timber all prepped by the addition of some burnt oil.

Saturday morning saw bikes arriving in mass but alas the day was not so great with it overcast and we had a -6 degree frost that night as well.  From about noon the bikes really started turning up and it was great to see so many bikes, whereas for the summer it had been all bicycles.

Julia was given the job of starting the fire for the 30th Anniversary of the Brass Monkey Rally, what an honour..

Some of the entertainment included a bike show, bike jousting and some high flying bikers.

Sunday was a bit cold and overcast again but it had only got down to -1 during the night.  The first bikes hit the road as early as 0800 and most had left by about 1500, which was lucky as the next day, Monday, we woke to about 200 mm of fresh snow….

It was great been able to attend the Brass Monkey.  I spoke with everyone who had a GS about the GS Anniversary Ride and many sounded keen, even Gareth Morgan thought it sounded like a great idea.  So if you have a GS, then register your interest  HERE!

Great views at Dusk


As previously mentioned, it’s the 30 Year Anniversary of the BMW GS model and I thought it would be a good idea to do something about it, so a spur of the moment idea was to ride the length of the country.

Having had a number of comments e-mailed to me and watching the comments on this blog it seems there is some interest, maybe more will happen once a plan is outlined so here are my initial thoughts…

  • The people who help the most have the greatest say in what happens.
  • The emphasis of the ride will be Adventure and Fun rather than something too structured.  By Adventure I mean we have a planned destination but stay flexible enough to change the actual route as conditions dictate.
  • It will be a ‘self-sufficient’ ride, you carry everything you need as there will be no support vehicle.
  • It will take in as many off-road sections as possible.
  • Some days will be short and difficult, some will be long and fast.
  • Camping may be the order of the day but each person can make their own mind up.  No accommodation will be pre-booked (apart from Glenfalloch Station) as we don’t want to ‘have to get anywhere’.
  • A GPS transmitter will be used so people can watch, and join us wherever they wish.
  • It is a GS Anniversary so we would prefer you are on a GS bike but the new Yamaha Super Tenere will be fine (as its heavier than the 1200 GS).
  • My preference is to start in Bluff and finish in Cape Reinga, only because I have cycled it the other way and would like to do it in reverse.
  • My idea would be to start mid November.

A possible South Island route could be as follows.

Start in Bluff and ride to the Velodrome in Invercargil.  Complete one lap of the Velodrome on a bicycle without falling off wearing full motorcycle gear.

Carry on up the road to Garston and head over the Nevis.  Drop down to the Bannockburn Cafe for coffee, then head over the top to Clyde.  From Clyde proceed to Roxborough and head inland to Lake Onslow.  At Patearoa head along the Old Dunstan Trail to Poolburn and then up and over Danseys Pass.  From Duntroon we head to either The Black Forest or Hakataramea, through the McKenzie Pass and onto Geraldine.  If they are open we should stop at Chequers Cafe for a drink etc as it’s a great bikey stop (on weekends ony).

From there we head to Mt Somers and into Lake Heron to spend a scheduled night at Glenfalloch Station.  Then onto Oxford (hot chocolates for all at Seagers Cafe), through the Lees Valley then onto Hanmer.  From there (and depending upon permissions etc) we either take Molesworth through to Blenheim or The Rainbow to Nelson.  From Nelson there is a back road to Pelorous and from there to Picton.

I have no idea what is on offer in the North Island so open to anyone up there with suggestions.  The above ride could be changed at anytime due to weather conditions and tracks not been open so flexibility to chop and change will be expected.

So there you have it, please post all your comments against this article so we can keep track of everything or Register your Interest by completing this short Survey so we can see how many are keen and what their riding preference is.  Click HERE to complete the survey.