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In 1976, a couple of years after BMW released the R90S, their first superbike, Helmut Dhane appeared to be the clear winner of the Production TT. Due to some “absurd handicapping system” he wasn’t credited with this victory but the fans knew who had won. We haven’t really seen BMW back at IOM since then, a race in which they had made a great name for themselves, especially with their low centre of gravity sidecars.

Helmut Dhane's R90S

This year, since the release of their second superbike, the S1000RR we have seen a fairly strong return of BMW. The factory made a full Superbike spec race machine available to the German ace Rico Penzkofer to contest the Superbike and Senior TT (He narrowly missed a Silver Replica and was highest placed Bronze Replica winner – 105% and 110% of race winners time respectively)
Rico Penzkofer

Amongst the privateers and in the superstock class we saw numerous other S1000RR’s. Highest placed Superstocker was Keith Amor 6th overall – Sliver Replica with Mark Miller, Paul Shoesmith and Hudson Kennaugh all winning Bronze Replicas on their S1000RRs.

Keith Amor


If the results from the first two rounds of the Actrix VMCC Winter Series are anything to go by , BMW is  a name we are going to hear a lot more of in motorcycle road racing here in New Zealand. Sloan Frost is riding the new S1000RR being run by the M1 Motorsport Team. So far, in both races in both rounds, he has qualified on pole and cleanly won all of the F1 Superbike races. He was never really challenged for the lead. In the first round the bike ran pretty much in standard road trim with only the suspension changed (Robert Taylor had the chance to fit and sort out the Ohlins it will be running on). The Iceland volcano’s disruption to air traffic meant that the race exhaust, faring and other trick bits didn’t arrive in time.

The standard bike getting race prepped

Out with original fairings

In the second round last weekend, we first heard that he wouldn’t be running the S1000RR as the ECU hadn’t yet been sorted out (or arrived back from Germany) to cope with the new race pipe and they didn’t want to risk it running too lean. In place we heard the great news that Sloan would  be riding a HP2 Sport instead. This would not be as powerful but very trick. It would have been great to see how it went. But alas, he evidently burnt out the clutch in practice and they ended up running the S1000RR. Again he cleaned up everything in both the wet and the dry.

M1 Motorsport stable for Round 2

With regard to the national series, what class it will be able to run in remains a little unclear. Perhaps BMW’s are a little too technologically advanced for their own good, when it comes to racing in New Zealand. The two points of contention are the traction control and the gear quick shifter. TC is officially listed as an option even though all the bikes imported locally come in with this option, whether it will be accepted as standard in NZ for homologation purposes awaits a ruling. The quick shifter is expressly forbidden in the regulations and the question of one fitted as standard has not yet come up. This ruling could go either way as the rules and regs. are often set up to keep racing costs down.

To keep up to date with the latest, M1 Motorsport have a great Facebook page (the photos posted are from their Facebook  album)

So far we have had 26 response to our Survey / Registry of Interest and all are keen to see the event running.  There are 2 HP2 Enduros amongst that.

A small change from the original post would see the event run from Cape Reinga to Bluff so we can enjoy the Burt Munro Challenge as a finale to the ride.  It would be great if we could feature in the event somehow so if anyone knows the organizers then can you let me know.

Again, if you know anyone who has a GS then please let them know of the event.  Bike Rider Magazine has agreed to mention it in their next edition to hopefully draw some more people out.

We have also been offered a spot prize in the form of a Full Service for  GS Bike so maybe others out there are interested in doing the same…we will take anything.

If there is anyone you know who rides a GS, of any age or condition, then we would love to see them come along, even for part of the trip so please let them know.

I have attached a small poster you can pass out or hang up which might help.


And a useful tip for all of you with a GS Adventure

And, a S1000RR on Ice

BMW M3 v’s the BMW S1000RR

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