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It’s now only two months to the start of the GS Anniversary Ride and I hope all riders are busy getting their bikes and equipment ready, have booked their accommodation, and booked the Ferry for those doing the whole event.

One thing most riders are not doing is fundraising for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.  When you registered your interest it was one of the questions we asked, who should we fundraise for, and the majority picked the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service but todate, only seven riders have setup a fundraising page.  We have collectively raised $2,365 which will run one helicopter for one flight.  I’m sure we can do better than that!

There are two options when it comes to fundraising:

  1. Give generously to any of the fund-raisers listed here  Just select one by clicking on the link under Appeal Name.
  2. Setup your own fundraising page by using this link  Click on Create New Account and the wizard will take you through the setup process and also the process of sending an e-mail out to all your friends, family and colleagues so you can tell them of the hardship you are going to endure in order to raise funds for our chosen charity.

Finally, so there is no confusion.  All funds collected will be handed over to the Westpac Helicopter Trust.   They will distribute the funds equally to the four Rescue Services they administer (these cover the four main centres).  All funds collected will go directly to supporting the helicopter services.

There are 17 individual Helicopter Rescue Trust within New Zealand ( but we will only be collecting for the Westpac Trust.  There is no issue if you wish to fundraise for your local Rescue Helicopter Service but if you do please let me know how much you have raised so we can celebrate our combined efforts once we get to Invercargill.


Hello everyone,

As most of you will be aware Justin has been the driving force behind the ride to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the GS BMW which will give riders the oportunity to ride from the far North to the tip of the South Island, rendevous with the Burt Munro rally in Invercargill.

So far Justin, Julia and Jeff have said they will do the complete ride. Others, many of them (over 40) will join the ride as it moves down the islands. You can support the Canterbury BMWOR members by donating here

Alternatively, if people wish to fund raise themselves they can setup their own account by using this link:

To keep an eye on how much Canterbury BMWOR are raising use this link:

Garner Tours Limited has just let me know they have the following bikes available to hire for the GS Ride.  So if you wanted to come but did not have the ‘right’ bike now you have no excuses.

  1. They have 3 x F650 GS (singles) available for hire and can be used on unsealed roads.
  2. They have 3 x R1200 GS available for hire for used on SEALED ROADS ONLY.
  3. They have 3 x F650 GS (twins) vailable for hire for used on SEALED ROADS ONLY.

Bikes would need to be picked up and returned to their base near Christchurch and Standard Terms & Conditions would apply.

They are also willing to donate part of the hire fee to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service for any bikes that are hired out to do this trip – Thanks and that’s awesome.

You can contact Stuart McIntyre on 03 312-6113 or visit their website at

I have sorted out the fundraising page for the GS Anniversary Ride.

There was overwhelming support for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service so that is whom we are going with.

Now its up to all those taking part to fundraise for this very worthwhile cause.

You can either donate at the link below or setup your own account and fundraise under your own name.  So get to it!

You can donate at

There was an overwhelming majority that selected the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service as our preferred charity.

I’m just sorting out an Event Page at Fundraiseonline and once up I will let you know what to do but in the meantime start thinking about ways you could possibly fund raise for this worthy cause.

In addition we are looking for some prizes for those that take part in the event. If you have anything to offer then let me know. Maybe one of the prizes could be for the person that raises the most for our preferred Charity.

Lastly, does anyone out there know anything about how to garner media coverage for our ride? Can anyone help with this?